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Wowflow will help you get the job done in an
optimal way so you can focus on your business.

Any action is a part of some process

Business processes are often complex in large organizations. Many departments, systems and people work together, business processes are informal and too often fall into mailboxes and Excel sheets.

WOWFLOW supports business processes and makes them transparent. This allows departments and software systems to work together, track progress and prevent any delays. WOWFLOW apps inform stakeholders and provide insights on deadlines and bottlenecks. Employees spend less time managing emails and get the chance to create real value.
Agile Process Improvement
2 days
Your specialists design the process with our guidance
1 month
We'll use WOWFLOW components to setup your simple happy flow
Continuously improve your unique workflows as an Agile organization
9 Indicators that WOWFLOW will help you
Your processes don't run
like you want them to

WOWFLOW makes your processes run smoothly.
Your systems do not
support your employees
WOWFLOW supports your
unique way of working.
You can't find a balance
between agility and quality
WOWFLOW enables you to make
changes without any risks.
You don't have
predictable quality
WOWFLOW removes bottlenecks and ensures your experts deliver the quality you need.
Your processes are
not transparent
WOWFLOW makes your processes 100% transparent.
All the stakeholders know who does what and when.
You are lacking
the insights you need

WOWFLOW provides you with real-time BI, so you can react smart & fast.
Your systems don't work together
WOWFLOW connects your
systems of records and makes
your processes flow.
Your experts are not focused on the most important work
WOWFLOW prioritizes tasks for your experts so they focus on the job that matters most.
Side tasks occupy your
experts for most of their time
WOWFLOW let's your experts
focus on things that really matter
through process automation.
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