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We help companies react fast, flexible and smart to business events. This will allow you to get the job done and still go home in time to enjoy a true work-life balance



Working smarter has been a quest for centuries. The good news is that the latest methods and technologies enable organisations to improve the way they interact with customers and partners. We built our SmartWay platform specially for you to get these benefits and be succesful.

Smart Design

Specialists know very well how they can optimise the way they collaborate. Using our method they simply draw a flow of who does what and when which is easy to write and read by all.

Smart Insights

We all need context fast to make the right decisions. We offer the real-time info you need just a click away. We prefer smart data to big data.

Smart Control

Finding the balance between agility and qualitative behaviour is a real challenge. Our process apps are built for change and consistent execution giving you the possibility to regain control.

Take smart actions wherever you are

Our customers enjoy their simple mobile app behaving exactly the way they designed it. They literally say that it puts a smile on their face.

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User Driven Design

Every organisation has its own reality with unique challenges and opportunities. Your experts will design the optimal behaviour for your unique situation. The intuitive way to draw this flow will result in a SmartWay app working exactly as it was designed. Each user's perspective will enrich the flow and make the app useful for all.


Simple Workflow App

We replace your bottlenecks and complex practices with a simple happy flow of activities. You can experience the new app within 1 month and enable a lean team in an agile manner.


Agile SmartWay Platform

The key to achieving huge velocity is SmartWay, our innovative platform built on the latest and best technologies.

Proven engagement method

3 hours - 2 days - 1 month 

3 hours


Introduction & Usecase Demo.
In this 3 hour meeting with your management team, we present the different phases and deliverables of our methodology with examples and a demo.

2 days


Analysis & Design Workshop.
In this 2 day workshop with key stakeholders, we audit and document core processes related to the identified business need

1 month


Software Application development.
In this 1 month engagement, we develop your SmartWay Application in an Agile manner. Based on your unique situation and specific needs.


Training & Ongoing Guidance.
When the application is ready, we will train your employees to get the maximum out of the application and we’ll provide support just when you need it.

Happy Agile Businesses

Next to hearing happy customers that look forward to build more SmartWay apps, it is very rewarding knowing that we offered the customers that put their trust in us with a valid alternative to solve issues really fast.

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